Sunday, May 27, 2007

Getting Ready

The trip has be several years the planning. What to see, where to stay, people we want to visit on the way. I sure have refreshed my school geography and learned a lot more besides. Even I didn't give a lot of thought to the size of Canada until you start putting in on paper. For instance when you reach Winnepeg you are not quit 1/2 way across Canada. With researching the internet I said to Willa, we will need a year or more to see every thing. This is the end of May and I think I have everything ready to go. A couple of items left and they will get looked after in the next week or so. We were planning on 4 of us traveling and with Willa's cousin Carnie meeting us back east for a week or so but alas it will be the three of us. The motor home can handle 4 people, 3 is great and 2 ideal. This way the table does not have to be made up every night and if someone can't sleep then there is a place to read or watch a movie on the portable DVD player or up date the blog. If the blog get out of date bare with me, it just means we are having to much fun and haven't had time to do the up dating.